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FAQ’s about our Medical Assistant course!

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Listed below are frequently asked questions regarding our Certified Medical Assistant Course:

Question 1:  Once I complete this course will I need to complete an outside externship?

Answer:  Yes, we ask our Medical Assistant students to complete 120 hours of an externship. This can be completed at a facility that we have established or a facility that you have established.

Question 2:  Will I become CERTIFIED?  

Answer:  Yes, you will be Certified by the National Healthcareer Association.  There are 4 different certification boards training center/schools have to choose from.  If a training center/school does not provide the student a certification from one of the following boards, the certification is NOT approved.  The 4 national boards are:  NHA, AAMA, AMT, and NCCT.  All 4 are accredited by the NCCA.

Question 3:  Will I become Licensed?

Answer:  No, that does not exist for a Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy, Laboratory Assistant, or Patient Care Technician.  It does not matter what school you attend, there is no such thing as a License for the above programs.  If a school or training center claims that there is a license for their program, then I would reconsider attending that program because it is false information.  **Remember license and certification are two completely separate titles, you will become CERTIFIED though our courses, not licensed.**

Question 4:  What is the difference between a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA), Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA), National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA), and Medical Assistant (MA)?

Answer:  The difference between the 5 different titles of Medical Assistants is what National Board the Medical Assistant is certified through (refer to question 2 for the National Board list).  Here is the breakdown:   If the student is certified by NHA your credential will be CCMA.  If the student is certified by AMT your credential will be RMA.  If the student is certified by NCCA your credential will be NCMA.  If the student is certified by AAMA your credential will be CMA. If the student is NOT certified and on the job trained your credential will be MA.  Does it matter what National you take?  No.  It is all the same to the employer.

Question 5:  What does the Medical Assistant course include and where can they work?

Answer:  Our Medical Assistant course includes:  Medical terminology, patient intake and assessment, vital signs, injections, phlebotomy, and EKG lead placement.  This course focuses more of the clinical duties.  Front office is less focused on during this course. Front office work is typically on the job trained.  Your certification will allow you to work both front office and back office.

Question 6:  How often are courses held?

Answer:  Our Medical Assistant courses are held approximately every 15 weeks.  We will occasional run classes closer together.  Our phlebotomy classes are held every 7 weeks. All schedules are subject to change.

Question 7:  Does Medical Career Training help with job placement?  

Answer:  We do assist with job placement, however we do not place students in jobs.  During each course we help set up your resume and we practice interview skills.

Question 8:  Why is this program 15 weeks (4 months), when other programs are 9 months long?

Answer:  A Medical Assistant can work front office or back office.  Some schools teach both components:  front office (4 months) and back office (4 months).  We allow our students to choose between front office and back office.  By breaking the course down into those two sections it saves our students money and time.  Our programs are approved by the Texas Workforce Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Medical Career Training Website Launch!

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Medical Career Training Website ScreenshotThe Medical Career Training website launch took place today. You’ll find the new website and more information about Medical Career Training at Let us know what you think on our Facebook page. You’re welcome to check back on our MCT News website blog or sign-up for email updates to get interesting updates related to medical jobs market and training.

Thanks to Diane Minks of Focal Point eSolutions ( for redesigning and developing the new site!

Medical Assistant Jobs to Increase by 31 Percent

Posted on: January 3rd, 2014 by MCT

Medical Career Training - Clinical Medical AssistantThe Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting that Medical Assistants will be in much higher demand over the next 10 years.  Employment is expected to grow by 31 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand will stem from physicians hiring more medical assistants to do administrative and clinical duties so that physicians can see more patients.

Medical assistants complete administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and other health practitioners. Their duties vary with the location, specialty, and size of the practice.